[PythonCE] RE: Answers (?) to Some of Ryan's Questions...

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Tue Jun 15 08:58:42 EDT 2004

Hi Nemo,

To associate .py and .pyc files you have to make an entry in the registry like this



	Default=\\Program Files\\Python\\python.exe, 0
	Default= "\Program Files\Python\python.exe" "%1" %*

This works fine for me. If you want it in a storage card then replace all the refrences to "Prgram Files" with the full path in the storage card.

All the best

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   >> Ive been trying to get python running on a ipaq 5450,
   >>  running pocketpc 4.20.1081.
   >> - Are the 2.3 binaries known to work on the above spec?
   >I have a 5550 that I've been trying off-and-on...  The interpretor
   >runs, but I'm not much farther than that.  I'm using 2.3 from...
   >   http://fore.validus.com/~kashtan/
   >...and "input() & raw_input() for PPC" from...
   >   http://www.murkworks.com/Research/Python/PythonCE/PythonCEWiki
   >           /Input_28_29_26Raw_5finput_28_29ForPPC 
   >> - How would i run a script?
   >I tried once to associate .py and .pyc to Python, but didn't get
   >anywhere.  After reading all the doc pages on the 'net (maybe two),
   >I've finally stumbled upon the execfile() command.  From the
   >interpretor, I type in...
   >execfile('/storage card/python/scriptname.py')
   >...and it executes the script.  I just discovered this today, so I'm
   >not yet past the "hello world" phase.  I'm actually using a note with
   >my execfile commands, then copy/paste into the interpretor. 
   >[ctrl][x,c,v] actually works, which saves a ton of typing on the little
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