[PythonCE] Python 2.3.4 for StrongARM Pocket PC 2003 (and 2002) availabie

David L. Kashtan kashtan at Validus.Com
Sat Jun 19 05:12:42 EDT 2004

I am just about to submit the sources to be integrated into the
official Python development tree.  That way Python for Windows/CE
will easily track the regular Python development.  Got the compatibility
with full-blown Windows pretty close, so the difference from the
normal Win32 build of Python should be very small.

I have been using the core Python interpreter for a pretty big project
here and 2.3.4 has been very solid on Pocket PC 2003.  I have not had
time to test ALL the features of core Python nor most of the "external"
modules (like PyWin32).  So, I am really interested in feedback on
how they are working.

This version supports zipimport, so you can have a Python23.zip file
in "\Program Files\Python\Lib" and it will find modules in there.  I
have included one that has ALL the Python library modules in it.  Also,
this version has the ability to access Python zip libraries that are
resources -- in fact python23.dll (the core DLL) has the bare minimum
Python libraries to be useful (traceback and such), so things can really
work with a minimal configuration.  I'd like feedback on what a reasonable
minimal set of Python library files would be for inclusion in the python23.dll

So, please feel free to go to http://www.validus.com/~kashtan and download it.


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