AW: [PythonCE] Newbie: how to run python 2.3 ?

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Sat May 8 23:49:28 EDT 2004

Hi Andreas.

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   >here are more informations about my 'error':
   >I found Python 2.3 for my iPaq at

There is another better realese at:
Scrooldown to the header named "PocketPC Programming"
and there you will see a link named ""

   >When starting Python the console appears and give the message like it is
   >shown in "python_error_1.bmp". On the bmp-files "python_error_2.bmp" and
   >"python_error_3.bmp" you can see a part of my folder structure.
   >Do you need more details ?

Try putting this that I'm sending you into the lib folder in the python installation. Then try again.

(or else try to download the other release I mentioned abov).

All the best,

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   >Hi Andreas,
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   >     >Hi, everybody,
   >   > 
   >   >I'm a newbie and have a general question starting the interpreter:
   >   >installing python in the folders I can start python on my pocketpc.
   >   >works, but there is a (error?) message: 'import site' failed; use -v
   >   >traceback. What does this mean ? Must I run the interpreter with
   >   >parameters ?
   >   > 
   >I don't realy know what this meens. But what seems very interesting is
   >that it should work even without the site module.
   >Where did you download Python?
   >And can you please post the whole error message as it appered, do a cut
   >and paste. This is a good idea always when you post a traceback error
   >becuse there is info in there to help understand where and why the error
   >   >I haven't found such a topic in the mailing list...
   >   > 
   >   >Hoping for good news
   >   > 
   >   >Andreas
   >   >
   >All the best,

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