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Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Mon Nov 15 00:50:07 CET 2004

I'm forwarding to the list so all can see and answer your questions.
Please try to send to list in the future. Thanks

See below.

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     >Thanks for the information.
   >I may have another problem. I installed python onto a CF data disk.
   >The interpreter seems to work well.  I have associated .py with the
   >program: python.exe
   >I ran a script that was to run a for loop and print some text. 
   >I doubled click the script and it seems to load and I was left in the
   >interactive mode but did not see the printed text.
   >Could this code be running and I simply do not see the output?
   >When one runs a script that uses the print "XX" were is the text displayed.
   >Thanks again for the help.

You may want to check your code to make sure that the  for loop is being processed.
it may help if you show the code. Otherwise I can see why it shouldn't print to the screen. You may also want to make sure that it didn't print it just before the interpreter started, you would then see the text on the first line of the window.

All the best ,

P.S. Which version are you running.

   >PS: My goal is to have a Python script running on my PDA communicate
   >with a BASIC Stamp and drive a small robot. Quit a task for a guy who
   >cant' print to the screen!!
   >Thanks again
   >On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 11:25:46 -0500, Isr Gish <isrgish at fastem.com> wrote:
   >> From: "Dr. Brooks"<dr.gbbrooks at gmail.com>
   >>    >but I do
   >>    >not know how to run a script. How does one run scripts
   >> If you associated .py a& .pyc files to python. Then all you have to do is double click the file to run it.
   >> I think that taere is some file to run in the download that associates it for you.
   >>    >command session that I need to call up. I do not know how to call up
   >>    >the command line.
   >> You would need some program that gives you an opption like run taat is found on a on a pc.
   >> T
   >> Ere are a few such programs. I think that www.conduits.com has one.
   >> All the best,
   >> Isr
   >G. Byron Brooks EE MD

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