[PythonCE] WinCE environment for Python?

Kim Ollivier kimo at ollivier.co.nz
Mon Apr 25 14:25:40 CEST 2005

I would like some help in what I should have after installing Python and IdleCE.
I do not know if I should be setting more defaults. Some of my problems may
just be me not understanding the limits of Pocket PC 2003 so I apologise if I
really need a training course on "WinCE Disappointments".
Just in case I miss some detail I have put Python 2.3.4 on an IPAQ 3970 which has been upgraded to Pocket PC 2003. ... and just reloaded after I let the battery expire and I found that the backup did not have "save exe files" checked.

I have IdleCE 0.7 working well, complete with a little shortcut from the Windows Wave. It will import a script and run it once, but then I'm in trouble because if I want to view the output, I lose the Idle screen. The output looks like an interactive shell. (>>> appears) and I can type into it, but it will not execute. Perhaps this is really the py-stdout file I see has appeared in My Device.

A python shell does indeed appear if I double click on python.exe. I have tweaked the registry with the excellent Pocket Tweak to make this happen,
after running Setup-Registry and putting the files on my storage card. I then
copied Python/Lib to Program files.
Once this shell is running, then Idle will not open, I just get the shell active.
I would like to know how to add a shortcut to Programs so that I did not have to
mess around with "File Explorer". Cannot find any help for this. I did find that you can add a simple html file for a program that gets opened when the program is running. That would be a good place to put a readme note.

On my sys.argv[] problem. I cannot see how to add any user input to a script, only on a filetype double click for a program. Not applicable to a script. Do I have to use tkinter? The tkinter-test works just fine from Idle. Hurray, well done. But I have other exercises that are simpler that just take a single parameter. eg DayofWeek: enter a date and print the day.

There are some other auto-tests that I get no response from.

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