[PythonCE] Current status of PythonCE ?

Giovanni Petrucciani gpetruc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 13:47:16 CET 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to write python programs for my PoketPC 2003 handeld (Acer
I've tried the 2.3.4-arm release of PythonCE, and it works very well for
what matters the core python
I've also tried the wx_pyce that I found somewhere on the web (the one
that uses wxwin2.5.2),
and it works almost well, even if it is lacking in some points

I still have some questions:
 - Are there any other, newer, versions of PyhonCE ? it the project
still active ?
 - Tinkerer works, but I can't use Tix, it does not work, is complaining
about missing libraries;
    in particular it looks like it wants some dll which I don't have.
    Did anyone manage to use Tix ? or to compile it ? (I read that I
have to compile the full TCL, and I'm
    not very practical with EVC++, so I don't think I could manage to to it)
- WX: I wanted to build a more complete wxwin for Python, as space is
not an issue (you can keep the dll
    in your python dir on a SD-MMC card, it works for wxwin252)
    I have donwloaded the wxWin (2.6.2) and the wxPython (
sources; I didn't manage to compile
    wxPython, just wxWin (EVC complains about the project files in
    Anyway just replacing the 2.5.2 dll  with the 2.6.2 one does not
work, nor it does if I copy the wx and
    wxPython folders from the win32 version I have on my laptop (that I
installed from binary packages)
 - XML: did anyone manage to get 4Suite running on PocketPC ?
    I've found a PyXML for CE, but not 4Suite (which, for what I read,
should be better).
 - SQLite: I managed to compile sqlite 3 dll for PocketPC (or, actually,
for WinCE), but I can't compile
    PySQLite to use them from Python... any suggestions ? did anyone
manage to do it ?

Thanks a lot, even if it has some problems PythonCE is great !


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