[PythonCE] Cassiopeia PDA

Edward Fewell EdwardFewell at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 2 14:36:01 CET 2005

"StrongARM" is the processor, usually called just "ARM", and probably the
most common one today for PDAs and similar devices.

The version of PythonCE you tried requires an ARM processor and Pocket PC
2002 or later.  The E-200 Cassiopeia, for example, should be able to run it.

If you're still unsure what's going on, then provide more details of what
PDA you have and what steps you're taking to install and run PythonCE.

Edward Fewell

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From: Barrett <Barrett at SmithWeb.US>
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I'm just starting to play with (or try playing with) Python on my Cassiopeia
pda.  I installed Python 2.2 for Microsoft Pocket PC from
http://www.murkworks.com/Research/Python/PocketPCPython/Overview but when I
attempt to run the application I get a message that it is not a valid
Windows CE application.

I noticed that the release listed it as StrongArm, but don't have a concept
of what that really means or what I should be looking for.  Would someone
mind pointing me in the right direction?


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