[PythonCE] Build minimized Python2x.dll for WinCE/PPC?

Jesse Davis jdavis at wgen.net
Thu Feb 10 01:02:31 CET 2005

Hi Python wincers:

I know this info must be "out there", but I can't find it.  I want to
build a stripped-down version of Python2x.dll (preferably 2.4) for an
ARM Pocket PC.  I want to install the smallest possible Python on the
unit, including expat & socket, but not much else.

So, how do I build a new Python24.dll for PocketPC?  Does the standard
source distro from python.org have a build configuration I can use?  Do
I need to do anything terribly special?  Can someone point me to the
canonical web page on this topic?

Much appreciated,

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