[PythonCE] Building PythonCE for Intel-based PPC?

Jesse Davis jdavis at wgen.net
Tue Jan 11 20:12:46 CET 2005

I have a Dell Axim, which runs off the Intel PXA270 processor.  I
downloaded the source tree off SourceForge.  Now -- how do I build it?
I have MS eMbedded Visual C++, & I see there's a project file for it (
PCBuild\WinCE\python.vcp ).  So here's the PROBLEM:  when I do "Add
Project Configuration", my CPU choices are WCE ARM and WCE x86.  Neither
of these will work for my unit, will they?  How do I add more CPUs to
eMbedded VC++'s list of options?


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