[PythonCE] Re: Re: Re: Twisted on PPC 2003 (Brad Clements)

James Burkert james.burkert at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 00:01:18 CET 2005


I'm sure I don't really need ALL of twisted. For now I am just trying
to send ASCII text from my  PDA to an existing application to an
arbitrary IP # and port #  via bluetooth and WiFi. Bluetooth
specifically because that's what I intend to use for testing, since I
don't have a currently functioning WiF cardi, but the eventual
application is intended for WiFi.

Later, I'll create a desktop-side server, so I can do things like SSL,
compression, and other app-specific features.

I figured on using Twisted because its the first thing I found that
looked like it had these things already built in, I really don't want
to reinvent the wheel with my network code, and frankly I'm not that
good a programmer anyway.

I know the basic functionality for this exists in Twisted, because its
being used on another platform I'm familiar with, running the same 400
MHz XScale processor, albeit with Linux rather than CE.

I figure once my app is working, I can pare down Twisted and the other
packages to a distributable form.

Can you recommend something else that may work better? I'm definitely
open to suggestions and ideas.


PS. Thanks for the tip on Tkinter (how do you pronounce that anyway?) :)

> Twisted is huge. Are you sure you really need all of it? What are you really trying to do?
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