[PythonCE] Tkinter installation

Stewart Midwinter stewart.midwinter at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 22:16:31 CET 2005

to get Python to run on the SD card, I edited setup_registry.py and
Setup Registry.lnk to point to the location on the SD card where the
python.exe lives, i.e. \\SD Card\\Program Files\\Python\\Lib.

To confirm that my registry was in fact set up correctly, I used
Advanced Explorer, went into the Registry and checked
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT for the existence of entries for .py and .pyc (and I
added .pyw for good measure).

By the way, my Tkinter works now, so thanks a lot!  I also have the
Pmw widget set working.  No reason why BWidgets shouldn't work either.


Stewart Midwinter
stewart at midwinter.ca
stewart.midwinter at gmail.com

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