[PythonCE] Plucker distiller for Pocket PC?

Jeff Mitchell skeezix at skeleton.org
Tue May 31 20:48:24 CEST 2005

	Hey guys,

	(I know, joining the list and posting right away.. terrible!)

	I've just gotten the urge to look for a Plucker distiller to run
on the PoPC itself; this of course let to PythonCE since Plucker Desktop's
distiller is itself written in python.

	I admit not knowing much about the state of py modules for
PythonCE (if the tcp socket support is solid or not, etc), but I didn't
see references to plkr or plucker in the halfway recent archives so I
thought I'd post.

	If its not been done, and folks think theres a reasonable shot it
may work, I'll give it a whirl.


"Have you played Atari today?"

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