[PythonCE] Problem calling python

Ali Sabil hybrid at tuxfamily.org
Wed Apr 12 13:06:13 CEST 2006

Hi again
> Running python from the command prompt works for me. Did you type the 
> full path to hello.py? If so what is the exact command you used and 
> what was the "current directory" in the command prompt?
i didn't use a full path, hello.py was in the current directory, when
run with an absolute path it works.

The command i used before is python hello.py , hello.py being in the cwd
using python \XMPPD\hello.py works

> Try quoting the individual arguments instead of all of them as a group:
> @="\"\\Program Files\\Python24\\python.exe\" \"%1\" \"%2\" \"%3\" 
> \"%4\" \"%5\" \"%6\" \"%7\" \"%8\" \"%9\""
> I haven't tried it yet though...
It's working, thank you

>> I get the same exact effect when clicking on hello.py ... now if i use
>> [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\pyfile\Shell\Open\Command]
>> @="\"\\Program Files\\Python24\\python.exe\" \"%1\""
>> It works, or at least almost, since it complains about import failure
>> for some modules.
>> The problem now is that i cannot run python from a shell, and i need
>> this to build a .bat that setup the environment.
>> Concerning the import failure, i don't know, but it's weird since the
>> same code works perfectly on my linux box.
> What modules? Where are they located, etc

I am trying to get xmppd (http://nuweb.org/index) to run under winCE, i
managed to build the only dependency to xmppd (which is tlslite), now i
have problems with python itself :/ (btw i built python from sources for
winCE 5.0 under an x86 platform)

I found out that the module package in xmppd filter files using .py
extension, so i modified it quite a bit to be able to use .pyc, the
remaining problems, is that os.listdir('.') for example doesn't return
the correct file listing (it returns only one file) ... which is
somewhat weird, i am suspecting this KITL thingies (i am just
discovering microsoft technologies) and the virtual directory stuff.

Thank you very much


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