[PythonCE] Seeking alternative to wxPython

George george at goatadsl.co.uk
Tue Aug 22 09:48:28 CEST 2006

jeffbarish wrote:
> When I embarked on my programming project, I had hoped that my choice of
> wxPython would make it possible for me to run my program without too much
> difficulty on Linux, Win XP, Win Mobile, and OSX, but so far I have not been
> able to get it to run reliably on even one platform, least of all winCE.

I'm not sure that'll be possible even if you can get everything working 
- the Window size on Mobile Devices is so small that you would probably 
need to design a GUI specifically to take account of that so there's 
perhaps less need for all the versions to be using the same toolkit. 
I've used the Windows desktop version for a few projects and haven't 
found any problems. "wxPython in Action" is quite a good introduction to 
using the toolkit. I also recommend downloading the pack of examples 
from the wxpython site.

As alternatives to WxPython you could try...

TKinter - This seems to work well on Windows Mobile although I've never 
been much of a fan of the toolkit.

Microsoft eVC++ - If you're familiar with C++ this is free and comes 
with a GUI designer. You could possibly produce the GUI you wanted in 
that then link it and your python code together somehow.

HTML - This is what I'm going to try when I come to wanting a GUI, 
running Python locally on the device as a HTTP server and returning a 
series of pages to be displayed in Mobile Internet Explorer, using CGI 
to handle user actions.


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