[PythonCE] Python 2.5 for Windows CE / ARM

David Goncalves pythonce-ml at lestat.st
Sat Dec 16 14:14:24 CET 2006


I wasn't present this days to anwser you ;)

Bandung wrote:
> My guess is that you have a Sigmarion handheld.  (You could have made our
> task so much easier by telling us what device you had in your first post). 
> The reason why you are using the dummy Aygshell is so you can make software
> that was compiled for pocketpc's run on a handheld [...]

I'm using a Bluemedia BM6300 provided with WindowsCE .NET 4.2
(the hardware is the same as a MIO 138).

Instead of having a 'Today page', i have a desktop with a start menu
like win32.

> Many a program would report the error "not a win ce application"  if the
> wrong version of gx.dll is loaded.  Pocket TV users encountered this problem
> often when they installed software that over had written a working gx.dll. 
> The solution is to get a working gx.dll from another package.  I would
> probably first try the gapi from this site but if it hiccups, its back to a
> ppc gapi instead.
> http://www.wincesoft.de/html/gapi_for_hpc_s.html hpc gapi 

I'm already using GAPI for HPC (btw it's very nice)

> Next thing is to make sure that you have a working aygshell.  You may have
> to recreate one if various others don't work for you.
> http://www.wincesoft.de/aygshell.dll dummy aygshell.dll 
> Use the info from this site to test your combination of gx.dll and
> aygshell.dll
> http://www.wincesoft.de/html/ppc_apps_on_hpc_s.html getting pocketpc apps to
> run on handhelds   
> The following link will provide you with additional information on how to
> create your own aygshell.dll  as well as a gx.dll.ini file.
> http://pages.ccapcable.com/lac/PPC_on_HPC.html using fake ppc dll's 
> Finally, you will need to get the correct version of mfcce300.dll .  If you
> are trying to run python 2.5 you probably need mfcce400.dll  Try both.
> If python 2.5 won't run on your handheld, there is always a chance that the
> 2.4.3 version will.  With regard to compiling your own version of python 2.5
> for the sygarrion, well if you are capable of doing that, I've got a whole
> mess of other apps that I would like your assistance in recompiling,
> beginning with wxpython and ending with PIL.  ;)

I've found a working AYGSHELL for my device (but i have to copy it to
python's folder because if copied to windows, my system becomes unstable)

Now i can have Python 2.5 + Tkinter working perfectly on my device.

Thanks a lot for your help and for the good links you provided ;)


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