[PythonCE] Python 2.5 for Windows CE / ARM

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Thu Dec 14 01:13:43 CET 2006

My guess is that you have a Sigmarion handheld.  (You could have made our
task so much easier by telling us what device you had in your first post). 
The reason why you are using the dummy Aygshell is so you can make software
that was compiled for pocketpc's run on a handheld.  I use to have an HP
Jornada 720 and was used to employing this trick.  The aygshell.dll handles
new style command bar at the bottom of the screen.  the gx.dll  is related
to gapi and a third software file requirement is the mfcce300.dll that comes
with PPC

Many a program would report the error "not a win ce application"  if the
wrong version of gx.dll is loaded.  Pocket TV users encountered this problem
often when they installed software that over had written a working gx.dll. 
The solution is to get a working gx.dll from another package.  I would
probably first try the gapi from this site but if it hiccups, its back to a
ppc gapi instead.

http://www.wincesoft.de/html/gapi_for_hpc_s.html hpc gapi 

Next thing is to make sure that you have a working aygshell.  You may have
to recreate one if various others don't work for you.

http://www.wincesoft.de/aygshell.dll dummy aygshell.dll 

Use the info from this site to test your combination of gx.dll and

http://www.wincesoft.de/html/ppc_apps_on_hpc_s.html getting pocketpc apps to
run on handhelds   

The following link will provide you with additional information on how to
create your own aygshell.dll  as well as a gx.dll.ini file.

http://pages.ccapcable.com/lac/PPC_on_HPC.html using fake ppc dll's 

Finally, you will need to get the correct version of mfcce300.dll .  If you
are trying to run python 2.5 you probably need mfcce400.dll  Try both.

If python 2.5 won't run on your handheld, there is always a chance that the
2.4.3 version will.  With regard to compiling your own version of python 2.5
for the sygarrion, well if you are capable of doing that, I've got a whole
mess of other apps that I would like your assistance in recompiling,
beginning with wxpython and ending with PIL.  ;)

Good luck.

David Goncalves wrote:
> Bandung wrote:
>> David, Could you download this version of python in a cab format and try
>> to
>> install it and tell us what happens?
>> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/pythonce/PythonCE-243-20060430.PPC2003_ARM.CAB?modtime=1146511186&big_mirror=0
>> python 2.4.3 
> I've tried this version and the problem was the same.
> But during this time i had an idea and googled ;) It's seems that the
> only external DLL used by the exe is 'Aygshell.dll'. But in WinCE 4.2
> core version there is no Aygshell included.
> I'm actually using a copy of this Dll needed for other softs on my
> device.
> I've found an old (40Kb) version of that Dll that makes PyCE work on
> my device but after putting that Dll, my system is quite unstable.
> (i.e nothing appears on my control panel... and other strange things)
> Do you have an idea of what function is used by Python when it is
> launched and why my 'dummy' aygshell is not good for him ?
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