[PythonCE] PythonCE Digest, Vol 31, Issue 5

javirosa at eden.rutgers.edu javirosa at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Feb 14 03:06:15 CET 2006

One possibility might be to set up a local website and have the pocketPCs
communicate . Using windows I get internet access on my pda when its
connected through usb. On the other hand, I'm not sure if you can have
multiple computers connected via one irda port.

I don't want to pretend to know what I'm doing but it seems like an
interesting idea. I'm not quite sure that I understand what the big
picture is though.

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>    1. using PythonCE to cluster a set of Axim X5 devices to
>       interact and display images/video as single device... (zeljko blace)
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> Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 12:34:54 +0100
> From: zeljko blace <zblace at gmail.com>
> Subject: [PythonCE] using PythonCE to cluster a set of Axim X5 devices
> 	to	interact and display images/video as single device...
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> Cc: Aleksandar Erkalovic <aco at mi2.hr>
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> Dear list members,
> here is a post from curious newbie (so pardon my lack of Python overview)
> I am brainstorming on how to visualize a software project that deals
> with per-frame video editing (obviously very short animations) and
> make it excessible to the kids...
> I own Axim X5 (thinking of getting few more) and have a friend that is
> expert Python programer with whome I might try to test this scenario:
> 1) Have 4 (up to 8) Axim X5 devices running PocketPC 2003,
> 2) single PC running whatever (Windows/Linux/MacOSX)
> 3) connect them through IrDa connection to PC
> 4) get them to display in full screen locally storred images
> 5) when any of them is touched - notify PC which would send update to
> the devices what would be the next image to display...
> So what is needed is:
> * (reliable) way to communicate fast (tiny amount of info on images)
> in-between individual devices and PC and back
> * software that would display in full screen images and videos
> (hopefully open source so it can be made to send out signals on
> interaction with PC and pick up images without relaying much on system
> software)
> Anyone done anything similar or has ideas on how to approach this?
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