[PythonCE] Running Python program without getting Python CE window

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 2 03:35:05 CET 2006

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Subject: [PythonCE] Running Python program without getting Python CE window

> > Whenever I run a Python application, I get a window titled "Python CE" 
> > seems to capture stdout.  Is it called the console?  I would like to run 
> > application without getting that window.  I had the impression that this 
> > window would not appear if I ran the application using pythonw.  To that
> > end,  I changed the first line of my application to
> > 
> > #! /usr/bin/env pythonw
> > 
> > (instead of /usr/bin/env/python).  Changing this line has no effect in 
> > either CE or XP.  What is the correct procedure?
> As somebody else mentioned, that is a Unix-specific feature. In Windows XP 
> you can rename the file to .pyw to run it automatically with pythonw.exe. On 
> Windows CE there is no standard way but this might help:
> python /nopcceshell program.py
> Luke

Forgive my continued ignorance.  Changing the extension works fine in XP to 
suppress the console window, but I don't understand how to enter the command 
you suggested in CE.  Did you find a console for CE that permits you to type 
in commands?  Does CE come with one (that I have been unable to locate)?

I also posted a related question last week, but I never saw my message in the 
digest (which happens frequently).  I am also wondering what the procedure is 
for attaching an icon to my application so that I can run the application by 
tapping the icon?  And, to be precise, what I would like is to run my Python 
program in such a way that the console window does not appear.  Perhaps 
tapping the icon would run the command that you suggested above.
Jeffrey Barish

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