[PythonCE] Using buttons on PDA

Luke Dunstan coder_infidel at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 17:28:51 CET 2006

I believe the scroll button can be handled like any other keyboard event as 
VK_UP / VK_DOWN keys. I'm not sure about the program keys, but I think 
RegisterHotKey() is related. I am speaking from a WinCE API point of view so 
I'm not sure how this translates to wxPython.


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> Is there a way to change the way in which the buttons on the PDA interact
> with the program?  I suspect that answering this question requires the
> information that I am using wxPython.  Currently, the scroll button will
> permit me to change the selection of the current control, but I have not
> found a way to tab to a different control.  I would like to control one
> listctrl using the button -- and only that control.  It would also be nice
> if I could assign useful functions to the buttons that now open the
> calendar, mail, etc.
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