[PythonCE] Python 2.5 for Windows CE / ARM

Ed Blake kitsune_e at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 27 00:16:39 CEST 2006

I've dusted off (and recharge) my old ipaq after it had lain idle for months
after its last crash.  I've been testing out this new release of PythonCE and
it is looking very good!

First thing I did was move it to my storage card and run my modified setup
script to get py/pyw files associated and showing the right icon.  Not to
tricky, I can post the code if anyone wants it.

Next I tried one of my Tkinter programs > Error: no module _tkinter!  I come
back and check and there is already a fresh Tkinter compile ready for
download!  I put it in the right spot and all is well ^_^

Now some tricky stuff.  I plan to develop an application that needs to talk
over a bluetooth serial link.  I poke around a little and find win32file
isn't built for this version of PythonCE, but we do have ctypes built in.  A
little more hunting and I dug up this post listing code for accessing serial
coms on PythonCE:
(BTW I never saw this thread??)

Okay, thats cool, but I'm kind of disappointed by Tkinter's performance
graphics wise.  Didn't I hear something about ctypes-pygame a while back? 
Another short search later - Yay, ctypes-pygame exists and is in a usable
state!  Now what do you do with an egg!?  So I get the source package here:
and steal some sdl dlls from the luaX project here:
and put them in my windows folder.  Everything seems to work fairly well
except sdl_image and sdl_mixer don't seem to want to work?  Anyway you can
draw to the screen and get user input (softinput works except there is no esc

Just thought people might want to here about some of the cool tools that are
working in the latest version of PythonCE.  My only complaints so far are
that Tk isn't included by default, and that distutils isn't included.  No
distutils == no setuptools == no eggs.  At least until I open up setuptools
and figure out what code is importing the eggs.  Also if anyone had a line on
some high-quality sdl ports for ce it would be most helpful.  Without
SDL_image working you can only load bmps (and that fails on my tests).  I
think it is just a dll naming/discovery issue, but stealing from another
package is sort of lame anyway...

Anyway good wrok to the devs, thanks for keeping this project alive and
bringing it to a new level of maturity!

---  Luke Dunstan <coder_infidel at hotmail.com> wrote:

> A new release of Python for Windows CE is available. Download it here:
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=104228
> The release notes are linked from this page, but a direct link is:
> Please consider this release to be a Beta because it has not been tested 
> thoroughly enough on Windows CE to be considered stable. I think that the 
> most efficient way to continue testing will be for everyone to try it and 
> report any bugs.
> Luke Dunstan
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