[PythonCE] Seeking alternative to wxPython

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Mon Sep 18 03:16:24 CEST 2006

If you really want a Windows look and feel then I would suggest that you use
Visual Basic or any one of the visual microsoft development tools.  They are
"cross platform" if you don't mind sticking to windoze machines.  The
challenge then becomes, "how do you point your callbacks into python, rather
than microsoft code?

You could try to use the pywin32 interface developed by Hammond to talk to
your gui.  Its been a long time since I used it for anything and that was
essentially for things like starting an excel spreadsheet and then copying
and pasting data into the spreadsheet from a python program.  I would also
think that  ctypes could help with calling into the win32gui as well.

For the time being, I am sticking with TKinker.  It is cross platform and it
works well on my windows mobile machine.   I can develop using python on my
desktop as well as pda.  I can also use more heavy duty "editors" such as
SPE on my desktop or iPython.  I use Vim on the pda. There is the promise of
some nice gui enhancing tricks with Tile for tcl/tkinter which I haven't
managed to find for my pda - only the desktop.  And there are a wealth of
additional controls that you can find on the net that extend the basic
TKinter controls.  

You could try to stick with wx for developing your gui and then using ctypes
to call into it.  I struggle with mastering c++ so wx is not my love child
sort of thing.  Things being as they are, its TKinter for tme.

jeffbarish wrote:
> When I embarked on my programming project, I had hoped that my choice of
> wxPython would make it possible for me to run my program without too much
> difficulty on Linux, Win XP, Win Mobile, and OSX, but so far I have not
> been able to get it to run reliably on even one platform, least of all
> winCE.  I had high hopes for the port recently announced by Ingmar Steen,
> but so far, at least, it suffers from the same problems that the earlier
> port had (although many other things are working better).  Even the
> version that runs on XP has problems that don't seem to be getting
> resolved.  Unfortunately, I am getting close to crunch time, so I can't
> wait much longer in the hope that a bug-free port will appear. 
> Accordingly, I am beginning to cast about for a fallback.
> I have seen references here to Pythonwin, but I am not familiar with it. 
> I gather that it contains the module win32gui and, if I understand
> correctly, that module provides an interface to the MFC routines for
> creating a GUI.  I understand that wxPython uses native routines to
> actually draw the GUI elements, so if I am reasoning correctly it follows
> that wxPython is calling the same routines that I could call directly
> using win32gui.  Thus, I should be able to do with win32gui anything that
> I am doing with wxPython -- unless win32gui is not complete.  What I lose
> by using win32gui rather than wxPython is portability, but perhaps I would
> have better luck getting the program to run reliably on winCE.  Is this
> reasoning correct?
> It looks as if the best documentation for Pythonwin is the book by Mark
> Hammond and Andy Robinson, but I note that it was published over 6 years
> ago.  Is it still sufficiently current to be useful?  Does anyone know
> whether a new edition is scheduled to appear soon?  Is there more current
> documentation somewhere?  Does Python Programming on WIN32 do an adequate
> job of explaining how to build GUIs using win32gui, or do I need
> documentation for the relevant portion of MFC as well?
> I hate the thought of rewriting my code again for a different GUI library. 
> I was happy using Qt on a Sharp Zaurus running Linux, but when Sharp
> withdrew the Zaurus from the US market I could not find a suitable
> substitute.  The only alternative I can think of in my current dilemma is
> to try to fix the bugs in the wxPython port myself, but I doubt that I
> have the skill.  Still, I might give it a try (if the author is willing)
> before embarking on yet another rewrite.  I would even consider hiring a
> consultant to work on the port, though previous efforts along this line
> have not borne fruit.

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