[PythonCE] Bwidget combo boxes stop working with latest tk84.dll

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Mon Sep 18 09:02:45 CEST 2006

With the tk84.dd version 8.4.6, I could build dialog boxes with bwidget
controls.  The one control that I particularly liked was the combo box.  The
only problem was the number of combo boxes used.  I was continually getting
"no more winhandle map slots" whenever I clicked on 5 comboboxes. 

I removed one box and at first that seemed to avoid the error.  Except that
the error re-occurs whenever the dialog box contaning these combo boxes, is
re-launched.  The fifth incident of clicking on a combo box causes the no
more winhandle map slots error.  For example, I could choose to click on
only three combo boxes, close out the dialog box and relaunch it from the
main app and the fifth click will cause the winhandle map error.

When I upgraded my tcltk84ce-arm package to version 8.4.12,  My combo boxes
no longer work at all.  When I click on any one of them, I get a drop list
box that goes full  screen and freezes the application.

Has anyone compiled version 8.4.13 of the tk84.dll or is there a version
that permits the bwidget combo box to work?.  I really like bwidget's combo
boxes.  I would hate to have to redesign all of my dialog boxes to remove
this control just because the ce version of this widget crashes.

Does the wxPythonce port avoid this problem?  If one had to redesign this
app, to eliminate the bdwidget, is wxPythonce the way to go?
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