[PythonCE] PiconetViewer

Ruben Miguelez Garcia xrubenx.es at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 11:34:58 CEST 2007

	Hello to all,

	One month ago I finished my application, PiconetViewer.

	Because I learn from the net, I always try to give back to the net as much as 
I can so others can take something from me and helping one to each other... 
You know.

	The program is just a few text files, but the documentation includes other 
programs used by me, other documents, manuals, links,..., almost everything.

	The whole thing is about 430Mb but without external application is just 91Mb 
and without some papers, 30Mb. That is what you can get here


	If you want to download all the 30Mb on a file, 

	Well, that's all. Have a nice Easter holidays.

 	Kind regards / Cumprimentos / Atentamente, Ruben.

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