[PythonCE] GUI package for PythonCE

Marco Herrmann marco.herrmann at web.de
Sun Feb 25 12:56:07 CET 2007


I just started programming with PythonCE and still didn't find an 
appropriate package that delivers a good GUI functionality. I found 
Tkinter, WxPyCE, VensterCE and Win32GUI. The problem I have, is that the 
packages whether don't offer a native PocketPC look (like Tkinter), need 
a many lines of code for a simple GUI (like VensterCE) or the menu is 
not working / not being offered (WxPyCE). I have been searching for some 
documentation for these packages, but didn't find any. For instance, how 
to use the Win32All/GUI package or WxPyCE. Maybe the menus have to be 
programmed in a different way with WxPyCE on PPC compared to WxPython on PC?

If someone can help me with documentation of Win32all/GUI or WxPyCE I'd 
be very thankful.

Maybe there's another GUI package I haven't found yet. I need a native 
PocketPC look and functionalities: program window fits into screen and 
menus at the bottom. Important also is that I need to draw functions/dots.

I am thankful for any suggestions.


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