[PythonCE] VensterCE release - Bugfix and Feedback

DELATTRE Alexandre alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Mon Feb 26 15:26:24 CET 2007

Jan Ischebeck a écrit :
> Hello Alexandre,
> Today I downloaded your latest release of versterce 
> (vensterce-01022007.zip), which is great !
> I just had some minor issues to get it running.
> Can you please change ce.py to make it WinCe 4.20 compatible?
> aygshell.py in WinCe 4.20 just allow access via ordinal. Below code 
> made it work for me.
> try:
>  SHHandleWMActivate=ctypes.windll.aygshell.SHHandleWMActivate
>  SHHandleWMSettingChange = ctypes.windll.aygshell.SHHandleWMSettingChange
> except:  # WinCe 4.20 just allows dll access via ordinal
>  SHHandleWMActivate=ctypes.windll.aygshell[84]
>  SHHandleWMSettingChange=ctypes.windll.aygshell[83]
> Also the ZIP file includes only MoinMoin.pyc but not MoinMoin.py.
> Thanks,
> Jan
> PS: In case you are planning some improvements, what about the 
> following features?
>            - multiple file support
>            - debug support
>            - dynamic dll loading and navigation support
>            - remote keyboard support  (Host python script, which sends 
> keypresses to the IDE on the PDA)
> alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr schrieb:
>> A fresher version of vensterce is up on sourceforge  
>> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/vensterce/).
>> Various glitches have been fixed and sip handling is enhanced.
>> A control EditBox is implemented in venster.lib.edit and gives a 
>> text  control with classic undo/copy/paste context menu.
>> The IDE is updated (and "englishised") and shows an example of 
>> integrating
>> HTML control in your apps.
>> Enjoy ;-)
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Hi Jan,
Thanks for the feedback I will put the bugfix in the next release.
Do you have a problem with others dll or is it aygshell specific?
The next release will use the SHDoneButton function, can you please send 
me the ordinal ?

As for the ide, I think what it needs for now is "heavy refactoring" 
;-), and I will move on improvements later, here are my thoughts about 
them :
Multiple documents could be easy to implement, but I prefer waiting the 
menu issue on PPC2003 to be fixed to make
a menu for opening/closing tabs.
The idea of a module/class explorer sounds good to me and it may be 
interesting to implement it using the instrospection abilities of 
python. Maybe, i will look into the source of other ide like SPE.
As for the remote keyboard, I don't have such device but if someone 
sends me an example script using it,
I can host the support as a thread that inserts the characters in the 

I will upload the release soon, it will add 2 new things to the gui 
toolkit :
- A simple layout system
- Unification of windows and modal dialog.


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