[PythonCE] python 2.5 tkinter install help!!

Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Sun Jan 7 13:42:05 CET 2007

This was answered earlier on.  There are a number of files missing in the
download. You will have to revisit the site to retrieve them.  There are a
couple of other quirks wrt python 2.5 such as the indentation not working
correctly.  Just do a browse of the subjects on this site for the last few
months.  Regards.

http://www.nabble.com/Python-2.5-for-Windows-CE---ARM-tf2427402.html missing

vakosel wrote:
> Hi all ! and Happy New Year !
> i searched a lot around to find a solution to my problem . Let me be more
> specific
> Installed Latest python2.5 setup.exe which contains in the DLL dir the
> _tkinter.pyd  in \storage card\program filles\python25
> i tried 
> import TKinter..      and the response was no module tkinter.
> i tried to search the path by
> import sys
> print sys.path 
> so i configured that didnt need - as some suggest- to write
> sys.path.append(\\... \\python25.zip\\lib-tk')
> Then i found out that maybe  i needed the 3 dll  tk84, tcl84 ,celib  and
> the rest of files coming from a zip file
> TKinter_files.zip  and tried to put thm in windows directory and the rest
> of files in python25.. anyway tried various things but nothing worked !!!
> I am not very proud as i am new at python world but i am sure i will learn
> with your help !!
> Actually this is my first post to the python community~~!
> Thanks in advance 
>    Kostas
> kost

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