[PythonCE] tk/tcl

John Aherne johna at johnaherne.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 09:38:56 CET 2007

I have a feeling that the tk/tcl install expects to find the python25 
install on the storage card.

Is that right.

I installed with the exe and activesync and took the default install in 
memory since I don't have a card for this device.

At the python prompt I can do:

from Tkinter import *  ##this works
root=Tk()   ## this fails with message below.

The error message I get after moving bits of tk around so it could find 
init.tcl is:--

Tk_init error:invalid command name tcl_findlibrary

line 1636 in __init__ TCL error invalid command name 'tcl_findlibrary'

Is there anywhere else I can put the files so it will work without 
getting a storage card.

Thanks for any info.

John Aherne

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