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Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Wed Jan 10 03:00:58 CET 2007

I don't know paint from whatever when it comes to how folks compile things
for windoze machines.  I have always suspected that some of the wince issues
are due to hard wired path statements at install time.  But before we can
point our fingers at this issue, lets look at a few other things.

(1) First:  Are you trying to install and run a separate tcl/tk apart from
the version that ships with Python?  If you are, then there are directory
logistic issues to be resolved.  if you have some tcl scripts that you are
trying to run separate and apart from python, then I can walk you through my
directory setup if you wish.  BUt for now, I am assuming that this is not
what you want to do.

(2) Second: Are you simply trying to get Tkinter working within your
Python25 installation?  If so, then there should be no issue wrt path names. 
I seem to recall running my Pythonce just fine from the device's memory.

- First make sure that you have Celib, tk8.4.dll and tcl8.4.dll in your
windows directory. 
- Soft reset is your friend.  Whenever you start moving files around, you
can just about bet that you are due for some crazy Tkinter happenings.  Do
this first.  
- Then list your python25 directory structure.  It should be according to
the standard python25 install.

For example

/Program files/Python25
 - list their names...

/Program files/Python25/Lib
 - list their names

/Program files/Python25/dll
 - list their names

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