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Bandung bandung at skyesystems.com
Wed Jan 10 15:41:37 CET 2007

You don't need that Tkinter download nor the tcl/tk download.  The Python25
cab has everything needed to run its own version of Tkinter.  You are mixing
versions of Python.  The instructions that you were following were for an
older version of python, version 2.4.3, I think.  You need to "lose" all of
those files.  You are confusing your python25 install.

Python 25 should have come with its own version of the three files (not
directories but files) that go in the Windows directory.  CELIB is essential
and the two dll's called tcl84.dll and tk84.dll  Do not create directories
and sub directories under windows and put stuff in them.  These three files
belong in \\Windows.

As I was previously mentioning, unless you deliberately want a stand alone
tcl installation, you don't need to be tinkering with strange directory
structures like 


(1) Remove all of your python25 stuff and those 8.4.3 tkinter files as well
as those old tcl84.dll and tk84.dll files and that windows sub directory
(2)  re-install python25 and only if the installation fails to place celib,
tcl84.dll and tk84.dll in the \\Windows directory, will I  attempt to find
out "what happened", get you those files and upload them to you.
(3) do a soft reboot.  Again, Don't use old tcl84 and tk84 files!.  

When the python interpreter starts up, type in 

import Tkinter
root = Tkinter.Tk()
and then tell me what happens...

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