[PythonCE] PythonCE on Smartphone (WM6)

Alexandre Delattre alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr
Thu Oct 18 14:56:23 CEST 2007


I' am about to make a public release of PocketPyGui, an open source 
toolkit that provides an abstraction level over the raw Win32 GUI api.
I tried to design its API for python developers with no prior knowledge 
of win32 programming.

For instance, one of its main benefit over its ancestor, vensterce, is 
the transparent event handling that allow direct binding from signals 
(button pressed, list selection changed, ...) to callbacks (any python 
function that takes a single argument). Doing the same with VensterCE, 
would need to understand well about the C way to do message dispatching, 
handling, and would in some cases need to manually maintain a list of ID 
for each controls which is quite static and unpythonic.

The API also covers many controls : Button, Edit, Label, List (ListBox), 
Combo, Table (ListCtrl in report mode), Tree (TreeView), NoteBook, 
Progress (TrackBar), HTML, Date & Time control, Dialog, Font, ... I 
tried to give each control a complete and intuitive interface, making 
use of property and special methods where appropriate. Some controls 
(Canvas & ScrolledFrame) are still in WIP but will be included as a 

As a bonus, ppygui implements dynamic resolution detection and scaling 
(meaning your app will appear the same on a hires or classic resolution 
device without thinking about it), and automatic tab/jog-dial traversal 
(but it can be explicitely deactivated for a Window).

All that to say that, even if I don't own a Smartphone, I'm definitely 
willing to make this kind of GUI abstraction for the next releases. Will 
setup the smartphone emulator provided by MS for my tests ...

Best regards,

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