[PythonCE] PythonCE on Smartphone (WM6)

Jorgen Bodde jorgen.maillist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 15:40:32 CEST 2007

Hi Alexandre,

It sounds very interesting. If you have a download available, please
send me (or the mailinglist) a link! I'm still a newbie on the
PythonCE platform, but I do know Python well for 2 years now so I hope
I can use it to develop small apps rapidly for my mobile phone.

- Jorgen

On 10/18/07, Alexandre Delattre <alexandre.delattre at enst-bretagne.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I' am about to make a public release of PocketPyGui, an open source
> toolkit that provides an abstraction level over the raw Win32 GUI api.
> I tried to design its API for python developers with no prior knowledge
> of win32 programming.
> For instance, one of its main benefit over its ancestor, vensterce, is
> the transparent event handling that allow direct binding from signals
> (button pressed, list selection changed, ...) to callbacks (any python
> function that takes a single argument). Doing the same with VensterCE,
> would need to understand well about the C way to do message dispatching,
> handling, and would in some cases need to manually maintain a list of ID
> for each controls which is quite static and unpythonic.
> The API also covers many controls : Button, Edit, Label, List (ListBox),
> Combo, Table (ListCtrl in report mode), Tree (TreeView), NoteBook,
> Progress (TrackBar), HTML, Date & Time control, Dialog, Font, ... I
> tried to give each control a complete and intuitive interface, making
> use of property and special methods where appropriate. Some controls
> (Canvas & ScrolledFrame) are still in WIP but will be included as a
> demo/tutorial.
> As a bonus, ppygui implements dynamic resolution detection and scaling
> (meaning your app will appear the same on a hires or classic resolution
> device without thinking about it), and automatic tab/jog-dial traversal
> (but it can be explicitely deactivated for a Window).
> All that to say that, even if I don't own a Smartphone, I'm definitely
> willing to make this kind of GUI abstraction for the next releases. Will
> setup the smartphone emulator provided by MS for my tests ...
> Best regards,
> Alexandre
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