[PythonCE] Where are scons script related files?

Gmail - hwan.shin01 hwan.shin01 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 09:15:06 CET 2009


I've been using PythonCE on my smartphone - samsung i780 for about a
month and quite impressed to write small python scripts on the go for
practicing python.
Now, I feel like to involve more and try to build the source in order to
understand more of its execution environment, and, if possible, to do
some experiments. So, I checked out the latest source from CVS and read
through the mailing list archive before getting my feet really wet.
Then, I found that some of previous posting like below mentioned SCONS
build script. But, nowhere in the source tree I checked out exists the
SCONS scrpt. I also got the older snapshots out of CVS and searched for
the script, but still no evidence.


Is there any source of information about the history of the changes of
PythhonCE source tree? I'm wondering if the SCONS script was an official
build script and then replace by nmake, or is there some other stories?

Best Regards,

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