[Python.NET] Who is using Python for .NET?

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Wed Dec 17 10:12:26 EST 2003

> Who is using Python for .NET?  Who's kicking its tires?  How do you know
> that it works in various scenarios?  What level of application
> complexity has it been proven to work with?  What kinds of scenarios
> would you expect Python for .NET to be able to handle today, and what
> scenarios would make you scared?

>From a view-of-the-guts level, it should able to handle today:

  - Simple and intermediate application scripting scenarios 
    (driving objects provided by the application or the 
     framework via scripts)

  - Prototyping of cmd line and gui apps

  - Fast unit test development for managed apps

What would make me scared:

  - Complex multithreaded scenarios (the Python integration layer 
    isn't yet well tested in this regard)

  - Complex COM interop (also mostly for threading concerns)

  - Apps with extreme performance requirements (the approach of 
    integrating the C Python runtime brings with it certain 
    drawbacks related to the Python global interpreter lock). 

  - Win64 deployment (I know of a few issues that need to be 
    addressed to support 64-bit properly)

> I understand that docs aren't in place yet, so it might be a bit much to
> ask for a webpage of projects using / evaluating Python for .NET.  But,
> it would probably get more testing and adoption if people were seen to
> be kicking its tires.  If nothing else, I hope this query gets
> responses.  At present the mail archive is quite modest in size, which
> doesn't indicate a lot of usage unless it's all silent, skilled, highly
> productive lurking.
> Any guess on how far out the 1.0 release is?

I've recently had a new addition to the family, so that's put a 
bit of a crimp in the plan :^)

I've really been hoping for more feedback to help figure out 
how far away 1.0 is. The main things IMHO that I'd like to see 
happen for 1.0 are:

  - better tests for threading scenarios

  - finish and document the embedding apis

  - basic docs & better packaging

  - (nice to have) ability to implement abstract managed classes 
    and interfaces in Python


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