[Python.NET] Network Install - Update

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Sun Apr 18 22:36:48 EDT 2004

> If I'm running Python from a Novell network share
> volume (that is, no local Python install) and try
> running a Python.NET script, I receive:
> Unhandled Exception:
> System.Security.Policy.PolicyException: Required
> permissions cannot be acquired.
>    at CLRModule.initCLR()
> The script I'm running is simply a single line,
> "import CLR".
> Any tips from the .NET savvy programmers on the list? 
> (Aside from: "Don't do that." ;)

I'm guessing that the Python for .NET runtime dll isn't asserting 
some permission that is required to run off of the share - I'd 
appreciate any help from those more clueful than me as to what 
that permission is... 

> Additionally, I'm having trouble getting McMillan's
> installer to behave with the CLR imports.  Is this
> something that may get resolved in the next beta? 
> I've seen mention of switching to using the official
> import hooks in the TODO file in CVS.  This sounds
> like something promising.

I've tried everything I can think of (including the new import 
hooks), but unfortunately there is no good way to take control 
during the actual import that bootstraps the CLR module. Any 
subsequent imports are not a problem.

I __really__ wanted to make sure that imports would work in a 
consistent way whether you were running the managed python.exe 
or importing the CLR module into a stock Python, but that turns 
out to be a really tough problem, at least for that initial 

I'm not sure if that's related at all to the McMillan installer 
issue (I'm not familiar with it), just me ranting ;) Can you give 
me a little more detail on the issue you're seeing?

> TIA - It's really remarkable how well Python.NET
> works, and how simple it is to take C# code and
> convert it.

Thanks! Its good to hear that its useful to people!

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