[Python.NET] Network Install - Update

Brian Almond pythonista at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 19 00:11:06 EDT 2004

--- Brian Lloyd <brian at zope.com> wrote:
> I'm guessing that the Python for .NET runtime dll
> isn't asserting 
> some permission that is required to run off of the
> share - I'd 
> appreciate any help from those more clueful than me
> as to what 
> that permission is... 

Turns out the Novell fileshare is, to .NET, part of
the "Local Intranet" ... Going to the .NET framework
wizards in the control panel and adjusting security of
"Local Intranet" to full trust has solved the problem.

I solved that after finding a related message on
microsoft.public.dotnet.general that clued me in. 
This means I have to do this on every machine I want
to run my app from.  Of course, I was going to have to
install the .NET framework on all those machines
anyway, so no biggie :)  I hope this message saves
someone else some grief.

> > Additionally, I'm having trouble getting
> McMillan's
> > installer to behave with the CLR imports.  Is this
> > something that may get resolved in the next beta? 
> Can you give 
> me a little more detail on the issue you're seeing?

You mean telling you, "it goes boom!" isn't enough?

Actually I need to re-install McMillan's installer and
give it another go.  IIRC, McMillan's installer does
lot of inspection of the source file you give it, and
processes imports itself.  In my recollection, it
tried to import the CLR module and then add attributes
to it, choking followed...  I'll take another look at
it and get back to you as well as its author.

Basically, I'm just testing all the deployment options
I have if I want to deploy a PythonNet app to a bunch
of people.  I'll test the network-homed deploy further
tomorrow and see if it continues to work OK.

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