[Python.NET] Use of c++ dll in python

Lalit DIGARI lalit.digari at st.com
Tue Apr 4 06:36:52 CEST 2006

Thanks mark,
How could I use dll's exposed function with in python script?

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Hi Lalit,

This is not really the group to ask this question - as it doesn't have
anything to do with python.NET.

But other then that I can answer your question I think :-)

You say a "C++ DLL". First thing is you need to make sure that your
functions are correctly exported in an 'unmangled' form. 

What I do for this is the following:

// create a macro DLLEXPORT for those methods you want to export
#define  DLLEXPORT   extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)

// the following may be optional - but can make things easier
#define  VB 	__stdcall

// add the macro to your function prototypes
DLLEXPORT int VB InitDialogFromFile   (char const *const fileName);

// in the CPP file define your function as you would normally do int VB
InitDialogFromFile(char const * const fileName) {

You may also need to create a .def file

; Declares the module parameters for the DLL.
DESCRIPTION  'Description of your DLL'
	// the following line can be used to rename exports
	//InitDialogFromFile_renamed = InitDialogFromFile

Once you add that to the project - it will make sure that no mangling
happens (sometimes even after doing extern "C" you still get a leading


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Hello All ,
I have devloped a c++ dll named mydll in c++ how can I access it with in
python script using ctype... Regard's Lalit

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