[Python.NET] Trouble getting Python for .NET to work in Ableton Live

Tijs Wickardt wickardt at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 13 21:03:11 CET 2007

Hi Christian,

> The magic is in clr.pyd. You have to import the python dynamic extension
> (hence the name) in order to use the CLR features in a common Python.
> The clr.pyd in the alpha zip files doesn't work properly. You have to
> compile your own version with VS.

Thanks, that helps. "import clr" is indeed working with a newly built
clr.pyd in a standard Python 2.5.1. After that I can import .net
libraries, thanks for your help.

>> Ableton comes as one big .exe (about 20MB). I'd have to hack it, and..
> I fear it's not going to work. A big exe sounds like a static inclusion
> of Python. PythonDotNET isn't compatible with static linking of the
> pythoncore library. It requires a pythonXX.dll to work.

Too bad. Thank you for your clear answer.

Thanks, Tijs

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