[Python.NET] looking for python.NET solution

sam python at zeomega.com
Tue May 20 21:53:21 CEST 2008


We at ZeOmega have a Python based product that is used for care management in Health plans.
our clients  run lots of .NET apps in their data centers . They want to integrate with our product using a .NET like web services interface.
We are wondering if anyone here would be interested in proposing a solution that will allow us to publish  some of our services as .NET web services. I am hoping python.NET can be used to build this layer of functionality.

For example we have a Python component with the following method


We would like to make the above method available as a .NET service with corresponding WSDL for consumption by a Java or .NET client
The proposed solution will have to work on windows 2003 family of server products

Please advise if python.NET can be used to solve our problem. The reason we don't want to do this using ZSI or soaplib is due to many reported instances of interoperability problems between .NET clients and these SOAP based modules. So a native .NET based solution is preferable.

Sathya "Sam" Rangaswamy


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