[Python.NET] tuple not recognized as a type ?

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If  you have your .net assembly put up a modal dialog (messagebox), you can attach to the process from DevStudio, set breakpoints, etc.

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Subject: [Python.NET] tuple not recognized as a type ?


I have been trying to use tuple as a generic type argument:
In [4]: from System.Collections.Generic import List
In [5]:
In [6]: x = List[int](range(4))
In [7]: x = List[tuple]([() for t in range(4)])
TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)

h:\python\testPyNet.py in <module>()
----> 1

TypeError: type(s) expected

I had a similar problem in a generic method of a non-generic class.

I have two questions:
* Is there a work around ?
* How do you debug python for .NET ?
  I tried to attach a Visual Studio 2005 debugger to the python process and break in ClassObject.type_subscript but VS does not load the symbols.

Thanks for this project, I would love to use it.

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