[Python.NET] Several patches to improve compilation with Mono

Philip Lorenz lorenzph at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 31 17:15:56 CEST 2011

Hi Barton,

On 08/29/2011 07:44 AM, Barton wrote:
> So if git is producing your udiff files, does that mean that you are
> actually pulling from the clone that's on github?

I used the GIT-SVN bridge in order to create those patches. But may be
something was wrong with my working copy.

> I (sort or) like the clrmodule_make.il input file name, but what to do
> for Windows folks?

I haven't personally used the Makefile on Windows based systems (I
always built Python.NET using the bundled Visual Studio Solution file).
I don't know how exactly the Makefile would be invoked on Windows (is it
a nmake compatible syntax?). A way to solve the issue could be to
replace the "cp oldmodule.il clrmodule_make.il" statement in the else
case with "copy clrmodule.il clrmodule_make.il".


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