[Python.NET] Working group minutes for October 8, 2019

Mark Visser markv at unity3d.com
Tue Oct 8 15:59:23 EDT 2019

Attendees: Benoit Hudson (ImgSpc), Mohamed Kouba (ANSYS Inc.), Victor Milovanov, Amos Li, Mark Visser (Unity)

(Mark) Suggest we use a "needs discussion" label on issues and PRs for next time. Then we can just go through them on the call. Who can tag issues?
(Mark) Can we get a status update on joining the .NET Foundation? Github issue: Joining the .NET Foundation <https://github.com/pythonnet/pythonnet/issues/956> - Any response?
(Mark) PR review
(Mark) Issues review


Mark - no news on .NET foundation progress, Mark is investigating internally through Unity if there's some way to get the process moving.

Benoit - Amos & Felix still need to connect and chat re: PR#957
Benoit - re: grabbing the GIL in issue#964 - this is by design and should stay that way. Need to document implications of multithreaded environment when Python is embedded in a C# application. GIL needs to be explicitly released and regrabbed via BeginAllowThreads/EndAllowThreads otherwise the process will crash. No change is proposed to this behaviour.

Victor - will move PRs that aren't ready for merge to draft state so we have a clearer idea of what's actually in process.

Mohamed - in IronPython you can have more than one instance running, i.e. more than one scope. 
Victor - Python 3.7 or 3.8 has/will/may have sub-interpreters working..
Mark/Benoit - RpyC + subprocesses can achieve the same effect but has marshalling/IPC overhead
Mohamed - what's the process for supporting a feature like sub-interpreters in pythonnet
Victor - basically propose it at a meeting, get alignment on design, write the code

Amos - is there any plan for improving performance?
Victor - need performance tests before we check in any PRs around performance, no time at the moment. Hopefully in time for the next meeting or shortly after.

Action Items

Mark - see if there's a path to the .NET foundation internally and get our application unblocked.
Benoit - coordinate discussion between Amos & Felix on #957
Benoit - document how to use pythonnet when you expect to run multithreaded python code (BeginAllowThreads/EndAllowThreads) in an embedded interpreter 
Victor - move PRs that aren't ready for merging to draft status
Mohamed - update #808 according to feedback, time permitting

Google doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rJVU84B_dgx58-_EopjRtOJVFAI2WfHJYV0n7uE1Oak/edit# <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rJVU84B_dgx58-_EopjRtOJVFAI2WfHJYV0n7uE1Oak/edit#>

(please reply or comment in the google doc if I have made any mistakes)

Unless otherwise noted, the next working group meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 22 at 3pm EST.
Zoom call link: https://unity3d.zoom.us/j/346931511 <https://unity3d.zoom.us/j/346931511>

I have all-day meetings that week so I can't attend. Can someone else fill in as moderator for the call?

Mark Visser
Tooling Dev Manager
Unity Technologies - www.unity3d.com <http://www.unity3d.com/>

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