[Pythonmac-SIG] Editors for MacPython

Chris Barker cbarker@jps.net
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 10:09:07 -0800

Francois Granger wrote:
> >I use vim for the macintosh. It has nice syntax highlighting for python as
> >well as many other languages.
> On that matter, have a look to Pepper. It is new and nice. I don't
> regret paying the shareware fee.
> http://www.hekkelman.com

I have put an unwritten section of the Python docs, that I would love to
fill in, about editors to use for Python on the Mac. It would be great
if I could get a little write up of each of the editors that folks are
using for Python. The list I am aware of now is:

The IDE (a whole separate section, but it needs to be written also)


What I would like is the following info (don't worry about form, I'll
deal with that)

Where to get it (and cost).
What special Python Features does it have?
What other (non Python specific) features does it have that make it a
good choice?
How to use it with Python.

If you use one if these editors, please write somehting up for me!!!

Note: the MacPython Docs are still very much a work in progress, please
consider conributing in any other way as well.



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