[Pythonmac-SIG] Proof of concept - Cocoa Python applet with Interface Builder!

bill fancher bfancher@mac.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:23:40 -0700

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 03:07  PM, Jack Jansen wrote:

> Folks,
> we've just succeeded in creating the first Python applet (we think, you 
> can never be sure about the "first" bit:-) that is awakened from a NIB 
> file built with Interface Builder.
> The code is all pretty messy (both the Python code and the ObjC code), 
> but at least it seems to work.

Indeed it does. Well done!

> If you want to have a look at this: get http://www.cwi.nl/ftp/jack/python/
> mac/nibpythonexample.tar.gz, read the README and play away!

It might be worth dumping the "build" directory from the CurrencyConverter 
project since it constitutes the bulk of the download and will be 
regenerated by PB. ("Clean" in PB doesn't really make things very clean.)

Haven't really had a chance to get into the code yet, but look forward to 
doing so. Thanks to all involved.