[Pythonmac-SIG] Proof of concept - Cocoa Python applet with Interface Builder!

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 00:00:22 +0200

On vrijdag, juni 21, 2002, at 07:50 , Dinu Gherman wrote:
>> It might be worth dumping the "build" directory from the 
>> CurrencyConverter
>> project since it constitutes the bulk of the download and will be
>> regenerated by PB. ("Clean" in PB doesn't really make things 
>> very clean.)
> Well, it's just plain superfluous to include the build sub-
> directory. Even if you clean it in PB, it doesn't go away,
> but only some of the contents. And, yes, usually it's big.

So, if I understand correctly there's no way to tell PB to clean 
up the directory ready for distribution? Sigh...

> Please note that you probably have used PB 2.x which should
> be only available on OS X 10.2. On my 10.1.5 PB does com-
> plain, but loads the project. Note that it is very hard to
> downgrade a project manually to a previous version of PB,
> so I'd stick to 1.1 unless you really have to use 2.x...

No, I haven't installed 10.2 yet. But I did use the April 
developer tools, and now that I think if it these may be 
available only to Select members... Silly me, and I think 
downgrading to the December devtools is difficult...
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