[Pythonmac-SIG] Proof of concept - Cocoa Python applet with Interface Builder!

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 01:02:54 +0200

On zaterdag, juni 29, 2002, at 09:11 , Daniel Brotsky wrote:
> 1. I had problems building MachoPython under Mac OS X with a 
> fink-based environment; I've reported those separately.

I replied to those separately.

> 2. The README in dist/src/Mac/OSX/ fails to mention the make 
> target installunixprograms (which is very handy), and the 
> README in the nibexample directory mistakenly calls it 
> installunixcommands.

Thanks, I'll add it.
> 3. Doing make installmacsubtree in Mac/OSX/ doesn't actually 
> install the "Mac/scripts" directory that the nib example's 
> buildpyapp.sh relies on.  (It only installs the lib and 
> lib-scriptpackages dirs.)  This has to be done manually.  
> (Perhaps installmacsubtree should install the scripts dir?)

My mistake. And I didn't notice because I've used symlinkmacsubtree:-)

> 4. There is a very handy Mac/OSX/ make target symlinkmacsubtree 
> which is not documented in the README file.  This target does 
> install the Mac/scripts directory (via the symlink) and I 
> suspect it's what Jack uses, but it fails if it's run after 
> installmacsubtree (because the symlink would replace the actual 
> directory).

It was really a hack for myself that escaped, and now is used by 
other things:-) However: I want to get rid of it. I think that 
if you want to run from the development tree you should use a 
.pth file in site-python to do this magic (a trick shown me by 
someone here). But: that still leaves the scripts from 
Mac/scripts with nowhere to go.

I guess this all shows that it's now time to really bite the 
bullet and get rid of most of the whole Mac/ subtree, 
distributing the stuff where it belongs (i.e. Mac/Lib should go 
to Lib/plat-mac, Mac/Scripts to Scripts/mac, etc). I'll bring it 
up on python-dev.

> I'm happy to help update the Mac/OSX documentation, etc., but 
> (as outlined in my process question earlier) I'm not quite sure 
> how to go about it.  All suggestions welcome.

What I would like most is some user-centered documentation. But 
for that we first need a clear idea of what the "standard" 
Python on OSX is going to look like, and as has been pointed out 
in a couple of other messages here over the last few days that's 
really unclear...
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