[Pythonmac-SIG] PyObj-c question ...

Stéphane Jolicoeur-Fidelia s.jol at jol-tech.net
Wed Oct 8 00:57:48 EDT 2003

I have a quick question about pyobjc: I am trying to build examples 
from a Cocoa programming book with pyobjc(i installed the latest 
version and am working from Project builder). I created a document 
based application and then proceeded to create MyDocument.h and 
MyDocument.m . My question is if I actually implement some methods in 
pure ObjC will the MyDocument.py  be able to see them and be able to 
use them as is like any object method ? or will I just create useless 
files in my project? (or maybe i should ask how do i create a python 
object that is callable from objc? (I have seen mention of building 
partial Cocoa-Python apps,) Which would mean having MyDocument.h and .m 
import say MyPython.py as a lib or object ).

Dazed and Confused

NB: thanks for any help

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