[Pythonmac-SIG] problem importing OpenGL.Tk

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Mon Oct 13 17:04:13 EDT 2003

On Monday, Oct 13, 2003, at 11:22 America/New_York, 
bweiland at chisystems.com wrote:

> 	According to Bob Ippolito:
>> Unfortunately, you're out of luck.  Togl has not been ported to OS X
>> yet, at least not for AquaTk.  I just took a look at Togl and it seems
>> nontrivial to compile for OS X (at least a few hours).  Your best bet
>> is to get rid of your dependency on Tk altogether and switch to
>> something like wxPython, pygame, GLUT, PyObjC + Cocoa, etc. for your
>> GUI.
> 	Oddly enough, I was just going thru this same ordeal myself.  Tk, if
> Togl worked, would probably still be the best option for portable 
> python
> GUI's that need OpenGL stuff, IMHO.  Here's why I think so (and not 
> trying
> to start a flame war):
> 	- tried wxPython - had weird problems with low framerate and flicker
> compared to just drawing in a GLUT window (maybe this was just me?);
> besides, I like Tk better for a quick hacked-together interface;
> 	- pygame - would be good, but pyui doesn't seem to be working yet
> for GUI elements on OS X;
> 	- GLUT - not really enough GUI;
> 	- PyObjC - not portable, but otherwise nice;
> 	- also, PyQt would be great, but the license is restrictive (it
> precludes portability to Windows if you're using the GPL'ed version; 
> it's
> expensive otherwise).
> 	Enough complaining --  I looked at trying to port it, but it seemed
> like a lot of time I can't spend right now (since I really don't 
> understand
> how the whole Tk side of things is put together).  If anyone can 
> provide
> some pointers  that could shorten the time, I might try.  If anyone is
> inclined to do the port, there are at least two users who would want 
> it ;)

I'll take a closer look at it later this week if I find the time.


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