[Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

Kevin Ollivier kevino at tulane.edu
Wed Oct 15 15:40:12 EDT 2003


On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, at 12:12  PM, Ronald Oussoren wrote:


>> 	A relatively bug free version of wxPython that's not noticeably slow 
>> ;)
> I'm having problems even compiling wxMac at the moment (using GCC 3.3 
> on Panther). That's a little bit annoying because one of my collegues 
> uses wxPython.

Are you using CVS or the 2.4.2 build? You might want to send a message 
to wx-dev at lists.wxwindows.org with your problem. Some folks there I 
believe get Panther seeds. I, unfortunately, won't be able to help with 
this for another 9 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes... (Assuming Apple really 
does deliver Python on the evening of the 24th. ;-)

The wxPython binary installer should probably work on Panther as well 
though, if you want to try that.

Also, I second the idea of improving wxPython, of course. =)



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