[Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Wed Oct 15 20:24:34 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, Oct 15, 2003, at 15:31 America/New_York, Bob Ippolito 

> On Wednesday, Oct 15, 2003, at 15:12 America/New_York, Ronald Oussoren 
> wrote:
>> On 15 okt 2003, at 19:32, Bob Ippolito wrote:
>>> 	Which Apple APIs/Frameworks would you like to use but aren't 
>>> wrapped or aren't wrapped satisfactorily?
>> The API for detecting location changes. The exact API slips my mind 
>> at the moment, but I've used the corresponding command-line tool to 
>> change parts of the system configuration when moving between home and 
>> the office. That script didn't survive, but I'd like to reintroduce 
>> something like that (if only to turn of fetching mail in Mail.app 
>> when I'm at a location where I cannot access the internet).
> Probably in SystemConfiguration somewhere.  I'll look into it.

My guess was right, it is the SystemConfiguration framework and the 
utility you were referring to is called "scutil" and is actually part 
of Darwin under APSL so it should be no problem to figure out how 
they're doing it.  I'll do it this weekend if not sooner.


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