[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: PackageManager Scrolling Problem

Bob Heeter bob at heeter.net
Wed Oct 15 15:52:03 EDT 2003

Confirmation of this bug in PackMan:

>From: Larry Meyn <Larry.A.Meyn at nasa.gov>
>Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 11:22:43 -0700
>I've noticed in accessing Bob Ippolito's extensive package list, that you can't scroll to the bottom of the list and have it stay there.  Has anyone else had this problem or it is something with my setup?

I have the same problem.  I'm running an older G3/500 PowerBook,
which doesn't have a big enough screen to see Bob's whole list. :(
(At the rate Bob's adding stuff, I expect the rest of you will
get the same problem before long, no matter how big your monitor!)

Software: vanilla OS X.2.8, vanilla MacPython 2.3.
All I wanted to do was install piddle.  After heroic efforts to make
the PackMan window as large as possible, I managed to get piddle to
show up on the bottom.

Tangential comments after much lurking:

(1) PackMan is a better name than PIMP for the Package Manager, especially
for those of us old enough to have played the video game in the 80's.

(2) The Python/Panther/Quartz angle could be big for me (but I'm small);
my code uses Python/piddle to draw (sketch would be a better word)
network maps as PDFs, and a more extensive graphical toolkit would help.

-- Bob (a different Bob)


Bob Heeter
Livermore, California

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